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Mason Taylor is a health coach, speaker and founder of Super Feast, Australia's leading supplier of premium medicinal mushroom and tonic herb extracts. In this podcast Mason and I sit down to discuss how we can use our taste to deepen our our own mental, physical and emotional connection to food and cravings so we can make wiser decisions when creating our own unique food culture.

See. Taste. Do.

Profile article  

is a food and lifestyle blog created by the Sydney-based Jenny Wong. I had the privilege of meeting Jenny when she stayed with us for several days at Billabong Retreat recently. Jenny was inspired to write this "chefs profile" article after attending my Wholefoods workshops and feeling the benefits of eating an abundance of organic plant-based meals.


A clear guide to clean eating 

I was asked by the team @ The Upsider to share my thoughts and help clear up some common clean eating myths surrounding a number of common health foods. You can read my full unedited contribution HERE    

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