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Simon Favorito

 Holistic Chef / Integrative Whole Foods Coach

Simon's interest and journey into the healing power of whole foods medicine began when he was faced with debilitating physical and mental health challenges as a young man early into his adult life which had severe effects on all areas of his life and career as a chef. After a gruelling several years of various treatments, procedures and no helpful solutions in sight, Simon's situation had gone from bad to worse and he felt as though his life was over before it had really began. It was at this time he was guided to explore the healing potential of whole foods to regain his health and path to wellness. 

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Since this time, Simon has studied and worked in a variety of healing modalities including kinesiology, acupuncture and mind body medicine. During his time it had become clear that one of, if not the most powerful influence our health and wellness we all have in our lives is the food we choose to we eat on a daily basis. Today Simon is the executive chef and head of whole foods education at Sydney's Billabong health and wellness retreat.Simon offers private Wholefoods cooking classes and coaching for individuals, families and health conscious businesses. His focus is to empower people to take control of their health and reach their potential in life by embracing nature and the life-enhancing qualities of whole foods.

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