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Prep Time:

1 Minute

Cook Time:

2-5 Minutes


Up to 2



About the Recipe

Early on in my life I suffered from chronic digestive issues which evolved in to high level anxiety and stress. It was when I discovered the healing potential of herbal elixirs like this that I began feeling relief and reclaiming my body, mind and life back. I often refer to high quality teas that are made from 100% naturally grown organic herbs and spices as elixirs to Tea-elixirs. This is because I want to ensure that the life enhancing properties they carry aren't overlooked and dismissed. Herbal remedies like this can often mark a positive turning point in a persons life, whether it be experienced physically, mentally or emotionally. This beverage is no exception, acting as potent digestive stimulator and stabeliser while calming the nervous system and mind its qualities are subtly delivered in this lovely, fragrant elixir. I hope it serves you as well as it has served me.


1 Tb x fresh grated ginger

1 tsp x chamomile flower (fresh or dried) 

1/2 tsp x whole fennel seeds

4 leaves x fresh mint

250ml x boiling water


Step 1

Add all of your herbs to a tea pot or tea strainer that fits into your favourite mug. 

Step 2

Boil the water and pour over allowing to the water to extract the goodness for 2-5 minutes. The longer you leave it the stronger and more potent it will be. 

2 mins = Mild

3 mins = Standard strength

4-5 mins =Strong 

Step 3

Strain off herbs and keep them for another 1 or 2 brews. If you are having a strong brew you may only get one more stabdard strength brew. 

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