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Vanilla Buckwheat Porridge w' ginger spiced fig compote and crushed pecans

Prep Time:

10 minutes of your time

Cook Time:

30-40 minutes


3 serves



About the Recipe

Despite its name, buckwheat isn't a part of the wheat family or even a grain, instead it is considered to be a seed as it comes from the fruiting of the tartary plant. This nutritious seed offers a great substitute to traditional porridge grains like oats and tends to be easier to digest for people with sensitive stomachs. I've often served this buckwheat porridge and variations of it on retreats and at events. It's warming and comforting nature makes it the perfect meal to start a cool day and when combined with the fig compote tastes beautiful.


For the porridge

1/2 cup x buckwheat (either soaked over night in cold water or soaked for 15 minutes in boiling water from the kettle) then strained and rinsed well. 

2 cups x water 

3/4 cup x almond or macadamia milk (or any other variety if you prefer) 

1/8 cup x coconut milk 

1 bay leaf 

1/2 tsp x vanilla bean paste or seeds 

2 pods x cardamon (crushed until the seeds come out)

2 Tablespoons x coconut sugar or maple syrup (Optional) 

For the ginger/fig compote

1/2 cup x dry figs (hard tip removed)

1/4 cup x sultanas 

1/4 teaspoon x vanilla bean paste 

Good pinch x cinnamon powder 

1 teaspoon x fresh ginger (finely grated) 

1/2 cup x boiling water 

To garnish

A small handful x raw, toasted or activated pecans (crushed)

Some baby basil leaves or sprouts. 


  1. Bring pre-soaked buckwheat, water, nut milk, bay leaf & vanilla to boil on stove top, place a lid on and then turn down to a low simmer for about 20 minutes. 

  2. Meanwhile, in a separtate bowl start making your compote by adding your freshly grated ginger and boiling water, stir well and leave to sit for about 3 minutes to infuse. 

  3. Now add your chopped figs and therest of yuor ingredients and cover. 

  4. Leave to infused and soak for about 20 minutes. 

  5. Skim any bubbles from the surfce of your porridge and then continue to stir well every few minutes to help break up the grains. Don't worry, they eventually will start breaking up. 

  6. After about 30 minutes and once most of the liquid is absorbed, the porridge should start to become creamy in texture and the grains partially broken up. At this stage, add in your coconut milk or cream and sweetener. 

  7. Give once last vigorous stir for a minutes, turn off heat and leave to sit for a few minutes with the lid on. 

  8. Meanwhile, take your compote mix and blace it in the food processor, blender or bulllet. Pulse several time or until it become paste like but still has texture. 


Spoon your porridge in to yuor favourite bowl, then add your compote, crushed pecans and herb.


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